Continue Button not unlocking

Mar 31, 2021

I have a rise course that has a test out option in the introduction. The button leads the user to the same final test in section 8, where I have a StoryLine quiz block uploaded. 

Underneath the quiz, there is another button block directing the user to section 1 if they failed the quiz to retake the course.

Underneath the button is a locked continue block set to unlock if the user passes all the blocks in section 8 (including the quiz). No matter what I do in testing, the locked continue block will not unlock when the quiz is passed.

Is this a setting in SL prior to publishing? Any workarounds here?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Adam! 

Be sure you include a "complete course" trigger on the final slide of the Storyline content. Here's how:

  1. Delete the current Storyline block in your Rise 360 lesson.
  2. On the Storyline results slide Passed layer, add this trigger: Complete course when the timeline starts on this layer.
  3.  When you publish your Storyline course to Review 360, choose Track using complete course trigger.

  4. Add the updated Storyline block to your Rise 360 lesson.
  5. Open the Continue button settings, and be sure to set the Completion Type to require learners to Complete the block(s) above the continue block.

Let me know if that works for you!