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s amer

Thank you Alyssa,

I have followed the steps in the article. However, I am not using a quiz to trigger the complete course trigger. I am using a variable.

When the timeline starts

execute javascript (checks current date against expiry date)

If variable course expired = true then

Complete course = Incomplete /Failed

If variable course expired = False then

Complete course = Complete /Passed

The variable code is working correctly but when Course expired = true the continue button in Rise is still showing.



Alyssa Gomez

Thanks, Sharon! 

I took a look into your file, and after reviewing your triggers, I think this interaction is working as intended in Rise 360.

The key is, a complete course trigger will always enable the Rise continue button, no matter if it's considered incomplete/failed or completed/passed.

If you do not want the continue button to be enabled when the expired layer is showing, remove the complete course trigger from that layer. 

Watch this 2 minute video to see how I tested your file and how it works in a Rise sample course. 

After watching the video, let me know if my explanation answers your question!

Gary Krueger

I'm having this issue of the Continue button in Rise not activating after the Storyline block above has completed. There are two instances of this in my Rise course with different SL blocks. I have had success with many Rise courses incorporating SL blocks and the Continue button but now it's not working. Wondering if something has changed recently in Rise.