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Jan 05, 2018


Could you help me with the following. 

In the feature 'Cover Photo' the text contrast is ranged between 10% en 90%. However, when selecting 10%, there is still a considerable degree of (dark) contrast in my Cover Photo. Is there a way to set 0% contrast?

Thank you!


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Alyssa Gomez

Great question, Alexander! 

For the Rise cover photo, you can adjust the contrast levels between 10% and 90%. Are you using your own image file, or an image from the Content Library?

If you're using your own image file, you could adjust the contrast of the photo in a photo editing tool outside of Rise before uploading it to the cover photo area.

yoampi yoampi


same issue here. I uploaded a photo with our Company logo which is a very specific color. However, due to the 10% contrast that is directly applied, the color is not compliant with our Brand guidelines and rejected. I have no clue on how to adapt the color before uploading so that it respect the right distribution of RGB.  It also contains some white text (name of the Company), so with the 10% always turns grey instead white. Any clue on how to solve this? Thanks

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Yoampi,

I really appreciate you adding your voice here. Rise automatically adds contrast to cover photos to make it easier to read the title text. However, I can understand how that would affect branding colors, and it makes sense that you would need a 0% contrast option. 

I know our team is always keen to hear about how we can improve our tools to be more useful for you, so I can certainly pass along your suggestion. Thanks for letting us know what you'd like to see!

Matt Bell

My company's logo is pure white and we would like to have our logo displayed through out our trainings.  Our work around here is to put the logo in a cover photo and have it display above the menu. Problem is is that the contrast at 10% shows the logo as gray instead of white.  Our branding department is not happy.    

Seems like allowing us to set this to 0% would be an easy win for your development team, and a huge win for any of us who work within brand guidelines.

Matt Bell

I put in a feature request for this, I would recommend everyone do the same.  The more times this gets requested the more likely this will get on the radar.

I did supply this image with my feature request...  its the rise branding used as a cover photo.  Maybe seeing how their own branding gets skewed will get this on the radar even sooner. :)


Gerry McAteer

Hi You can modify the main.bundle.js file once you have published your project. Use notepad to open the .js file and do a find for overview__side. Keep clicking find next until you come to the section as shown in the attached image. Change the value which I have circled to a very high number (its default is 100) I have changed mine to 10000. Caution ensure you don't delete or add another text, characters, comas, quotation marks, etc. Next save the .js file. The cover image should be bright now.

cheers Gerry

Matt Bell

Gerry, thank you for the .js file walkthrough.  We work as a team of development staff, and occasionally someone besides me will do changes on a file I create.  This modification goes away as soon as it it republished.  I appreciate it though, and will probably use this solution in the future.

As this is a VERY easy change to the main.bundle file, wouldn't it be, in turn, a VERY easy fix for the articulate development team?

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