Default font colour

Feb 21, 2018

Hi all

I know how to change the default colour in the settings, but can you set a default colour for the font? It seems to be set to grey, and I need to go and change each text block to black.

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Andrew Lowe

Dear Articulate team, please consider this feature. Tons of us want to be able to set a default text color default in the same way that an Accent default can be set when creating a project. I know that Storyline is the flagship and getting most of the attention, but us Rise users need love too! Manually changing this for every single text block is a time sink.

Thanks for your consideration.

Nikki Rudge

I'd like to add my voice to this request.  As someone who has just authored 4 courses and has not been consistent at adjusting the text colour to black on every block every time, i now have the fun job of double checking every block, paragraph, image title and question/learning check feedback entry. A very time consuming and not terribly productive way to spend a day.

Julia Craig

I'm adding my voice to this request too please, I am in the same situation as Nikki, it is very time consuming and frustrating. Please let us set our own default  font or at least make the default font 'true black' as suggested in a previous post, rather than the grey whic can be hard to read.

Andrew Lowe

Hi Teresa, 

Try these RGB values out: 49, 53, 55. I started a new course, took a screenshot of a "Paragraph with Heading" block, then used the eyedropper tool in PPT. Assuming that the paragraph body text is the same color as the heading, this should be close enough to match even it's not 100% exact. Good luck!

Mattias Fridner

Hi! I have the same issue. We have a need of branding all our trainings according to our corporate brand. And that includes the font color. The trainings can sometimes be quite long  so it`s annoying and it takes us a lot of unnecessary time to do this manually for each text segment. That also goes for background colors to each segment. It would be great to be able to change the default also for that, even though maybe not the game changer the option of changing the default font color would be.

I mean, the USP with Rise is that it is easy to use, but this makes it less easy, so it´s actually quite counter productive not to have that option.