Download Rise 360 Source File

Apr 08, 2021


My colleague has a Rise 360 account and has developed content that we need to download (as a xxx.story file) so it can be uploaded into a LMS.  Everything I've seen, so far, states that this cannot be done.  Is this correct?


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Tamara Fairbanks

Hi Karl, Thank you...yes, I typically develop courses in Storyline 3.  I want to use a colleague's course as a base to develop a course for our LMS.  They have it in Rise 360...they are able to give me a ZIP file, but not a xxx.story file so I can make changes and create my own course.  So I just wanted to verify that you cannot download xxx.story file from Rise 360, correct?

Carrie Brooks

When I purchased this authoring tool I was told that I would be able to download a file that could be used later if I no longer had a subscription to Articulate.

I also was told the file could be used to upload to a LMS. I need to know what type of file can be downloaded from RISE 360 (not Storyline) so I can share the file with our LMS. She mentioned an MP4-is that possible or is it something else? (I also had checked with the LMS and was told I could use RISE 360 as the authoring tool.)

Please reply as quickly as possible-I am deep into creating 17 modules for the CDC's TRAIN learning network.

Thank you!


Karl Muller

Hi Carrie,

When you open your course, in the top right hand corner you will see the PUBLISH tab.

Clicking on it will display all the publishing options. 

You need to select LMS.

Speak to your LMS Administrator regarding which export options you should choose.

The output will be a ZIP file that needs to be uploaded into your LMS.

Your LMS Administrator will be able to help you with the upload steps.

Steven Benassi

Hi Carrie & Karl!

I see you've been getting some help from the community, but I just wanted to pop in and address your question about using an exported file while no longer having an active Articulate 360 subscription!

The answer is yes, you would still be able to upload an exported file to an LMS. However, please keep in mind that without an active Articulate 360 subscription, you would not be able to edit the file itself if changes are needed.

Please let me know if you have any more questions!

Carrie Brooks

Thanks, Karl and Steven! Steven, yes, I did understand that part and Karl, thanks for the answer-I think the LMS admin is new and we are working together to understand solutions. I will share your info.

Another Q: so if a file is downloaded, that means any updates made will need another download and then transfer to LMS?