Font of the buttons and lessons doesn't change

Apr 15, 2019

Hi everyone!
I have a problem with changing the fonts in my course. In the settings I managed to add new one and it works ok, but it doesn't work on the buttons and titles of the lessons in contents. P.s. I use russian language. Is there any way to solve this problem?

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Marta Burda

Hi, I have a similar issue with special characters in the sidebar menu in Polish. What is weird - in the preview everything is ok, but when published - characters are replaced.

When can we expect the issue to be fixed? Perhaps you should be selling 360 tools only for English-speaking users? ;] Can you please replace sidebar menu font with something more universal?

Kind regards,

Dorrien Venables

Hi, I am having the same issue with Arabic, though it's a general tool limitation not being able to update fonts on buttons in general as well as lesson titles on the home page - could this please be updated as soon as possible.

Is there at least a CSS workaround that can be implemented right now as an interim measure?

Ros McNamee

With the new Themes update, I was expecting to have this issue fixed. But I am still seeing buttons and lesson headers with the same default font. Can we get a timeline on when to expect this basic feature? When working in different languages, the default font does not support a lot of unique characters. This is directly affecting localization across multiple countries.