Font Sizes on Flashcards in RISE

Hi ... Has anyone else experienced problems with font sizes in flashcards on RISE?  I add a bunch of flashcards, but for some cards, the text of the back of the card appears larger and darker than the others.  I have tried deleted and re-adding the card, but it doesn't work.  I have attached a screen shot, below.  Any ideas/suggestions?  Thanks!


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Karl Muller

Hi Raymond,

I use flashcards a lot, and found that Rise automatically adjusts the size of the font based on the number of characters used.

If there are just a few characters, it will make the font bigger, and smaller if there are a lot of characters. 

I select and manually format the text to prevent the automatic change in font size. I also use bold text to resolve the blurry text issue.

Hope this helps.