Full Window Mode Capabilities for videos in Rise?

After uploading videos into Rise, all videos will expand to full window mode in preview mode.  However, once published, it will not expand to full window.  While not a deal breaker for larger sized video content on main lessons, this proves difficult when uploaded into a marker or accordion, etc., it will not expand.  Should we be publishing it a certain way?

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Chris.  Thanks for reaching out!  I tested a little course using the Share URL as well as exporting to LMS and hosting in SCORM Cloud.  Feel free to test my links in your environment.

My video in Tabs, Accordion, and Labeled Graphic interactions retained the fullscreen option.  I checked Chrome for desktop, and then Android 8.0 Chrome on a Moto phone, and iOS 11 Safari on an iPhone 8 Plus.

  • How are you exporting your Rise course?
  • Where are you hosting it?
  • Are you missing the full screen option in both desktop and mobile environments?  Let me know where you've checked.

Thanks - happy to help!

Chris Richter

Hi Crystal,

  • How are you exporting your Rise course?

Export Type

  • Where are you hosting it?

Cornerstone OD

  • Are you missing the full screen option in both desktop and mobile environments?

The full screen option is not missing.  It just doesn't work.  When you click on the Full Screen icon while in a marker/accordion/etc, it will not expand.


It does not work in IE (CSOD does not play well with IE - or at least the prehistoric version we have), Edge (I speculate it is too new), or Chrome (I just don't understand...).

Please help!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Chris for gathering that additional detail. 

Is this occurring in mobile and desktop views for you? I can see Crystal's link and that the full-screen video button was working in mobile/desktop in a number of environments so I suspect CSOD may have a feature to prevent an item from going full screen. Have you reached out to your CSOD team to see if they had any other insights? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Roni and Meryl,

I'd love to hear more about the issue you're seeing. It sounds like the video fullscreen button doesn't work when clicked in your LMS, is that right?

Have you set up your course to launch inside a frame in your LMS? If so, try launching the course in a new window, and let me know if that solves the problem.


I upload to a plain web server.

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Chino Navarro

Hi Dalia, sorry to hear that you are experiencing the same issue. Have you tested your course on a different LMS such as SCORM Cloud? If it works in SCORM Cloud, the issue could be with your LMS. You can contact your LMS's support team for help. If the issue also happens in SCORM Cloud, feel free to send us your course here. Our support engineers are ready to help. 

Dave Lewis

Just experience the same issue and found this thread.  We have Cornerstone (CSOD) as well.  Rather frustrating as we can't upload the videos into CSOD as they are too big so we saved them to Vimeo.  Unfortunately, we can't embed directly into CSOD as they only accept YouTube embedding which is where Rise came in.  The training illustrates Excel models so full screen option is vital for us.  In the mean time, only option appears to be setting the video size to "full width".  Will share any additional info I find out from CSOD.