How to Set a Password as a Course Manager?

My team is running into an issue where the Course Owner isn't always the person who sends a course for review. For example, say I created a course and am therefore the Course Owner. I then added necessary team members as Course Managers. One of the Course Managers goes in and adds content to the course, then needs to send it for review. This Course Manager publishes a new version specifically for review of their content, but the Course Manager has to reach out to me (the Course Owner) so I can set a password on that new published course before the Course Manager can send it for review. Is there a way around this so that Course Managers don't have to reach out to the Course Owner to set a password on a newly published version of a course?

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Karl Muller

Hi Cassandra,

According to this link only the Course Owner can set passwords:

  • The Course Owner can do everything.
  • Course Manager can't edit labels, transfer ownership, set a Share password, or delete the course. 
  • Course Collaborator can't access any of the options in Settings, Share, Review, or Export. They can only edit the course.