Illustrated characters in Rise 360 scenarios?

May 07, 2019

I have a younger audience than many and find very few of the Articulate characters resonate with them. [Aside: I would love more choices for younger, casually dressed characters! Think "cool" older teens or twentysomethings]. Therefore, I settled on using the illustrated characters for my projects. I now want to expand my projects to included Rise projects and am excited about the new scenario blocks, but can't seem to find the illustrated characters. It would be very disjointed to have different types of characters for the same course and, again, the photographic characters do not reach out to younger audiences. How do I get illustrated characters into RISE scenarios? Am I missing something?

Thank you,

Robin Wooten

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Matt Bassuk

I know this thread is a couple months old, but you could always swap the characters post-publishing, You could use illustrated characters or custom ones altogether if you have the photos/art files. Check out this video I made on how to do it.

Peggy Hailstone

I'm also surprised (and disappointed) that they're are no illustrated characters lower than 20 years of age available in Storyline. I work for an autism (early intervention) NFP and need access to some younger illustrated characters (eg 3 to 15 years-of-age). And all characters need to be made available in Rise please. Our org will be using both Rise & Storyline, and as someone mentioned earlier, consistency in characters is important (and ultimately will form part of our brand and/or story). Appreciate a response if any of this is soon to be solved, included, incorporated -- and maybe I've missed it?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Peggy!

We're still tracking requests for younger illustrated characters, so thanks for letting us know you need those! 

I'll also pass along your request for characters in Rise 360. In the meantime, you can right-click on a character from a Storyline slide, and select Export Pose > Save as picture. Then, you can import the image into Rise 360 using any image block. 

Christiana Awojinrin

Like Peggy, I'm surprised there are no illustrated characters lower than 20 years of age.  I'm also surprised that although you have a good selection of nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals,  you don't have character images  (photographic or illustrated) that can represent inpatients. 

Yannick Schillinger

Dear Alyssa, do you have any updates on this? We are working on a course and would like to use illustrated characters in the Rise scenario block. It would be great to know if they will be available anytime soon or if we should use an alternative method (e.g. exporting the characters from Storyline).