Images on Sorting Activity

Dec 27, 2017

Hi all

Happy (almost) New Year!

Is there a way that images can be added for the sorting activity, instead of just text? Or perhaps it is something that can be included in a future release?

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Bruno Liddle

And again just bumping up this feedback request - we use sorting activities a lot in our learning but currently we are having to use Storyline blocks which is an inelegant workaround, and take slonger to build and implement then if we could simply use the built in sorting activity in Rise. 

It also makes doing updates harder - we have people in our team that have licences for Rise but don't use Storyline as development isn't their full time role and Storyline has a higher learning curve then Rise does. Each time we have to perform updates to a Storyline element in a rise module we have to call in one of the specialist learning developers to do the work and re-export it back into the learning (rather than simply having the Rise user do a quick edit as they can with the built in interactions).

I thought I'd include the above for content as this request isn't just about the aesthetics of the activity, but also about making it easier to keep the modules updated. 

Carmen Herbert

I'm not sure if this has been tried or is even a suitable solution, but I have created a kind of work-around to add images to the sorting interaction in Rise. 

Not sure if this will work as a scorm as I haven't tested on an LMS as yet, but it seems to work as a web export.


Please see below for web export zipped

Martin Tuttle


I made an attempt at recreating the sorting interaction in Rise in Storyline for pictures. I was working with a dietary restriction interaction so the pictures are of food. You can edit the linked pictures and change the accent color as needed in the illustrator file. The Storyline is close to the same but there are some differences. I couldn't simulate the card slide out on drop correct so I used a zoom disappear. I also couldn't simulate the incorrect "shake" to occur at the drop location. It resets to the original location then shakes but I think it has the desired effect. Let me know if you find a sleeker way to do this or if anything isn't working for you. Thanks.