Importing Quiz Master into Rise

Hi, I have created many lessons in StoryLine and Rise and I'm finding this issue very time consuming.

My customer wants to not host their elearning content on an LMS, which means I need to publish for the web. The customer also wants the learner to be able to print thier results at the end of each module, so as they have edivence of their results be it pass or fail.

As far as I have found after running through all the options in Rise and reading on this Forum, this isn't something Rise can do.

First I built the quiz in SL, but the results page shows correct/incorrect details, which isn't needed.

Then I built the quiz in Quiz Master, which is great and allows me to get the print results screen and on that screen it doesn't display the correct/incorrect answers... which is EXACTLY what I want.

I then published the QM file to Review, only to find that RISE can't import QM outputs, only SL..... why is this????

So, I then created a new blank SL file and imported the QM into it, happy days...... oh wait no, not happy days!! 😟

When I import the QM file into SL, SL reverts the Print Results page back to displaying correct/incorrect answers, which is 100% not what I want, as if the  learner fails and then prints the results page, they are handed all of the answers.

I see there's strings on changing the coding for the results page, but if I change the coding and then publish to Review, to then import into Rise, it doesn't seem to have any effect and I'm still left with all of the Correct/Incorrect text on the print results page.

Why can't Rise just import the QM file, I fail to see the point in creating software and having to knife and fork it into another programme, to only have my time wasted.

Advise please??

To recap, I need a quiz results page without correct/incorrect to be able to be imported into RISE.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Joel! 

The quiz results slide in Storyline 360 is completely customizable. The default quiz results slide has Failure and Success layers, and those can be removed. You can also delete any items on the slide that you don't need, and customize the slide any way you like.

The only thing you'll need to keep on the quiz results slide is the "Submit results when the timeline starts on this slide" trigger. For example, this simple results slide has only one text box, and the "Submit results" trigger:


You can read more about results slides in Storyline 360 here!