Impressed by what I see.

Greetings! I am new to Rise/Articulate.

Honestly, I like what I see and how effortless you have made the process of engaging content development. I will be poking around here for a bit, trying to gain an understanding of it all. I have a strong LMS background with the traditional brands, so the courses all looked a certain way, and imagination seemed to be limited, without a deep understanding of coding and .api integrations.

Is there an option to find and upload templates into Rise? I find .story files when I download certain examples, but I haven't found a way to play with anything other than the Articulate templates, not that I have much to complain about, just curious =)

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Larry! Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes forum and happy to hear you're a new user of Articulate 360! 

If you were looking for some inspiration, we've got lots of great examples here in the forums by community members. That being said, there's isn't a way within Rise 360 to search for, upload or download templates created by the community.

You may have already stumbled upon this article on how to create courses with Rise 360 Articulate templates. Also sharing here our list of Rise 360 Templates

I'll leave it up to the community if they've got any templates to share via sending you a copy of their template course!

Larry Turner

Hi Renz,

Thank you for the message. I am still learning, and I even just realized that I must not have notifications turned on so I never knew you had sent me a message!

I have found many great Rise course examples to gain inspiration from, and I have recently plunged in to starting to develop interactive and customizable Storyline components, but I am still in the shallow

But again, thank you for the welcome message =)