Inserting hyperlink in Rise

Aug 08, 2019

I am trying to insert a url link to a piece of text in a paragraph block - for example: click here to learn more where "here" is hyperlinked to an external webpage. I can select the chain icon on the edit menu when "here" is highlighted text but when I select it, nothing happens. I can select the chain icon and get the insert url dialog box if I do it on a heading but not within a paragraph. Can this be done?  

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Ana Aquino

Please help! I am trying to insert a hyperlink using text in RISE. I highlight the text then I inserted, it looks hyperlinked but it doesn't work, when I click it is a blank page! I tried and tried different links and nothing. I am 100% sure the links are correct because when I right click and copy the link from the hyperlinked text in RISE  and paste it in the browser it actually works... so the link is correct. I hope someone has experienced something like this and not me getting crazy! thank you for your time.

Renz Sevilla

Hi Ana! Thanks for reaching out! I was able to test hyperlinks in Rise using the latest version of Chrome. The links were opening in new tabs properly.

Could you please share which browser and versions you're having trouble with? This may be the behaviour of your browser trying to open in a new tab or new window causing this issue.

Can you also please try testing in another browser? If you still have issues with hyperlinking, I'd like to invite you to open a case with us so we can look into this further.

Ana Aquino

Thank you! Yes I figured out that I have to use Chrome. I was using Edge and it does not work and was getting panic! But I have to let my learners know to use Chrome when using the eLearning course. Best Ana.

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