Is there a way to move entire sections?

Apr 18, 2018


I'm trying to rearrange 192 lessons that are contained within 21 different sections.  I want to only move the 21 sections (with their content/lessons) and not have to move each one of the individual lessons.  Is this possible?  If not, do you have any suggestions to rearrange these lessons without major confusion?

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Tracy Marshall

It would help if, when designing and developing content, we could view all content sections > lessons > blocks in the main navigation outline and be able to drag them around into whatever order we need. (Also, providing a setting that allows us to display all three levels of content or choose which ones to show in the outline the learner sees would be helpful.)

Creating block templates as a workaround to move smaller, unique chunks of content around is not adequate and highly time consuming.

Joe Porto

Is there any update on this? After 3 years of this thread, I'm trying to do this exact thing still. I have a huge amount of content with many sections and lessons. It gets really confusing dragging these one by one -they need to stay together when the course gets long. 

Articulate -are you doing anything about this? 

If I have a section with 3 lessons inside of it, I should be able to move them all together so the section is in a different place in the course. Instead, the section is detached. This is really frustrating and causing a time suck.