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Alyssa Gomez

Oh no, it looks like you're stuck, Kimberly!

When you uploaded the image to the Rise carousel, is that screenshot the error message you saw? 

If it's not possible to scroll to the right to click the Edit button and remove that image, there may be something our Support Engineers can do to help.

Reach out to the team here, and they'll send you instructions for sending a copy of your course to them. Hopefully we can get this sorted out without you having to start over!

Michael Steckman

Hi, I'm also experiencing this same bug in Rise, and apparently it's a know issue which has never been resolved based on this thread. I opened a case with Support a few days ago, and yesterday was online with a chat rep who pushed me off onto a colleague who was supposedly working on this, but nobody ever helped me fix it. I see the last post here said "any updates" would be shared, but never were.

I'm sad about this situation, as this hasn't been my usual experience with Articulate the past 5-10 years.

My image also never uploaded or processed, and I cannot delete that slot in the Carousel. I tried to think of a workaround by duplicating the block or creating a template out of it, but the bug "comes along with it" and still can't be deleted. As noted by the first user here, it seems like my only option is to delete the entire block and redo it completely.

I already lost a block containing a ton of work yesterday because my mouse must have inadvertently grazed the delete button, and not realizing it, missed the couple seconds I'd have had to click Undo before it vanished.

I'd appreciate it if Articulate could please make it a priority to have some recovery method for lost or buggy things in Rise ... aside from having to start all over again, thanks. Otherwise, I'll have to rethink my use of and advocacy for the tool

Alyssa Gomez

I'm sorry that your case has taken longer to solve than usual, Michael. I know that's impacting your deadlines, and I can tell how frustrating this has been for you. Thank you for continuing to work through this issue with us by staying in touch with our support team and allowing Rowie to test your course.

I know you mentioned the Undo button in your chat with Renson, and we're looking at ways to improve that feature in Rise 360. We'll let you know about any changes we make to that feature in the future.

Michael Steckman

I am seriously disappointed. The response consisted only of: "I’ve logged it as a possible software bug when uploading multiple image at the same time from the Carousel block."

A "possible" bug? Just look at this thread, it's clearly just a bug. I've had to simply redo the entire block and delete the buggy one, since I wasted 2-3 days interacting with "support" -- logging a case/documenting, trading emails, chatting with a chat rep who simply left me hanging, interacting with this thread, and then this final response.

I'm moving rapidly from feeling "sad" about the situation to feeling "mad" at the inadequacy of the process/response, and will indeed rethink my advocacy with clients who are Adobe shops without a concrete reason. Perhaps it's time to give their tool(s) another shot ... ?  :(


Alyssa Gomez

I hear you, Michael, and I apologize for the less-than-stellar experience you had with our team. We're always looking to improve, so I really appreciate your feedback.

I realize this bug is creating extra work for you, so I'm going to bring this issue up with our engineers again. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.