Labeled Graphic Size and Quality

Jan 08, 2019

I'm using a screenshot of a menu as a labeled graphic. The image is 366x478. Even on a monitor set to display 1080p, it's a decent size, legible and would be fine in a web browser.

The problem I am having, however is that when i insert it as a labeled graphic and set the image width to "small" it blows the image up to about 760x980 and it looks awful. I've tried adjusting the compression on the image, changing the dpi and several other things but no matter what, Rise just butchers it and makes it not presentable.

Is there any way to control the size the image displays at other than "small," "medium," and "Full width" (Don't even get me started on what Full Width does to images....)

I get that Rise is mean to be responsive but it should not prioritize responsiveness over quality. 

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Linda K

Tagging onto this for the blurry issue, +1 more related.

I too am encountering resolution issues. I'm trying to get the interactive Labeled Graphic block and the following Image - Centered images to be the same size, and none of the defaults for either block allow for this. None of the setting combinations between the two produce matching (consistent) sizes, despite uploading at the same size. When these are in line one after the other, it looks awful, frankly.

I used Kevin Martin's workaround of adding white space (thank you!) and after spending time doing a lot of trial and error between photoshop and Rise finally found the size that fits. Unfortunately going to preview in anything portrait mode results in the white space making the interactive image now smaller than the others, and we're back to the same problem. It's the lesser of the evils, so I'm going with it for now, but I'd love to see a real fix for these issues.


Alyssa Gomez

Hey Linda, 

It sounds like you'd like to have more control over image sizes in the Labeled Graphic block. I'll be sure to let our team know about your request.

Regarding the bluriness issue, try adding _NOPROCESS_ to the name of your image file to prevent image compression. The image will upload and display exactly as you saved it. 

Let me know if that results in a clearer image.

Casey Duggan

What is the progress on this issue? I'm having similar problems - images that appear fine when small (even when editing a labelled graphic) look awful when they automatically get blown up in the final product. I also can't see the entire image on a single screen - the user has to scroll dow to view the entire image which isn't particularly user-friendly.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Casey!

The labeled graphic block will scale up the image to fit the width of the block. Try adding extra white space around the image to better control the scaling. Here's how:

  • Insert the image on a blank PowerPoint slide.
  • Align the image to the center of the slide.
  • Save the PPT file as a PNG image.
  • Insert the PNG image into the Rise 360 labeled graphic block.

Let us know if that helps you!

Mark Banit

Hi Alyssa, my issue is similar to those throughout this thread in that uploading a smaller image results in it being stretched overly large, resulting in pixelation and odd sizing. While I was able to get around it by adding transparent spacing around the image so that it's saved out as a larger size image, it certainly is a time-stretching workflow. More than just having to do the workaround, what I (and it sounds like others in this thread) find frustrating is the fact that it was acknowledged as a bug so long ago but hasn't been fixed yet.

Lea Agato

Hi Mark, I'm really sorry for the frustration you experienced because of this issue.  We'd like to take a look at your files so we can better understand what's causing the issue for you.  Would you mind sharing your image files privately here?  We'll troubleshoot your issue in detail and work with you directly. Thanks!

matt thorne

I reported this issue over TWO YEARS ago...that the answer is still "you go figure out how to edit your images to make it work" rather than "We're really sorry, we fixed the issue" is so far past unacceptable, you can't even see unacceptable with the Hubble telescope.

If your car had a defect in it that caused your tires to go flat and the manufacturer said "sorry, just patch your tires" you'd lose your mind...and that's what you've done here.

Erin Buckley

Any update on image sizes? Resizing and/or keeping the same size when uploading???  Having read the thread, it seems that in trying to solve, the "troubled" file is requested. But the real problem is that ALL my images get enlarged and I can't resize them. Any idea of when there is going to be a fix or a better way? Thanks!

Erin Buckley

Thanks for your reply. I use many images in the Rise content that I create. In general, I really miss the ability to customize the size and placement as I can do with other applications. I am not looking for robust design capabilities. However, I do find that the inability to make basic changes has a limiting effect on the impact and effectiveness of my learning materials.

So, basically, the answer to your request is that all of my images are troublesome.

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Lea Agato

Hi Erin, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble working with images in Rise. It sounds like you’re looking for more image editing capabilities. If it helps, you have the option to crop images in Rise.  Here’s how. 

If you’re looking for other features, please provide more details on the ability to customize the image size and placement capability you mentioned, so we can better understand what you need.  Thanks!

Kris Nagy

Hi there - similar issue - I want to have a labeled graphic that's completely visible on an average laptop screen. I tried the "_NOPROCESS_" appending on the image file name and got excited that it uploaded exactly as I wanted in the labeled graphic edit screen. However, once I closed the edit screen, the main edit screen and the preview screen show the image even larger than the image file I'd uploaded without _NOPROCESS_. Any ideas? 

Chino Navarro

Hi Kris, I am here to help. It looks like your Labelled Graphic block's image width is set to Full Width? If you open the edit panel, the image will shrink to accommodate the edit panel, but once you close the panel, the image will go back to Full Width.

Have you tried setting the Image Width to Medium or Small and see what works for you?