Learner expects to advance in course after reviewing audio w/closed captions in another application.

Jun 17, 2021

Hello fellow course developers! I have bumped into an interesting scenario. As shown in the screen cap, I created a closed caption work around by providing a link which sends the learner to Kaltura to listen to the audio clip with captions, rather than play the audio clip in the Rise audio block. Not elegant, but functional. 

The issue arises when a learner uses my "listen with captions" link to review the audio clip in Kaltura; upon return to Rise, the learner cannot advance the course as expected. The learner is making an assumption that since they have reviewed the audio clip in Kaltura, the continue button should become active in the Rise course, allowing them to advance. Not so!

Since we require the audio clip to be reviewed to advance... The audio clip in the Rise block must be played through to activate the continue button (I don't share the developer's secret that the audio clip can be bypassed by scrubbing to the end of the clip (bug or feature?). 

I am hoping someone has a creative solution to share (besides removing content advance restrictions, adding additional navigation prompts or replacing the audio clip with a video file (with captions). Since this is an "ADA" type issue, I expect I'll get some pressure to provide a fix.

Thanks for listening! Example Rise audio block with closed caption workaround.

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