Line divider color in custom theme


I am using a custom (corporate branded) color for the theme of my Rise. But regardless of what custom color I choose, when I insert the basic line divider it is in light gray, so it barely shows up onscreen. This does not happen when I use one of the default colors.  Is this intentional and is there a way around it? 

Thanks in advance for your reply! 

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Crystal Horn

Hey Samantha!  Thanks for adding your voice.  I tried Gordon's workaround, and this is what I got:

That's with no top or bottom padding, and a hex selection for the "background" of the divider block.  Can you share a screenshot of what you're seeing, and let me know what you'd like to happen?  

Happy to put our heads together to find a solution for you!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Samantha,

The built-in divider line is set to a grey, and doesn't have an option to change the color. If you wanted to add in a numbered divider instead that will pick up a color from what you set in your theme colors. 

I'll be happy to let my team know you're looking for an option to change the divider line coloring! 

Michelle Carlson


I think the line divider is a great idea and I have no problems with changing the colour to a custom colour to suit my purposes.

However, I do have an issue that it's super skinny (as in the example above) and it doesn't stand out no matter what colour I make it. Changing either the top or bottom padding to 10px is too big. Are you looking at adding a divider/spacer that would be 5px in height?

And I agree with Samantha - I would like to see an option that doesn't extend the entire width of the page.