Mail to Issues Using Button

I am working on creating a course and I want to use the interactive button to send an email to one of our facilitators.  I have entered the email (its a gmail address) in the "send to" location.  When I test the button, it shows that it cannot connect to mail server to send an email.

Any idea why this is happening?  Would love to be able to use this feature! 

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Karl Muller

If you were using an email client (such as Outlook) that is an installed application on your device, selecting a button with an email link would automatically open the email client, create a new email message, add the hard coded email address as the recipient, and use the course name as the subject line. This is how it works in our company. 

As GMAIL is a web-based email client, it will not respond in this way. You would have to copy the email address as described by Alyssa and then manually create the email message in GMAIL.