NEW IN ARTICULATE 360 TEAMS: Transfer Content

Today we released a new feature that’s just for Articulate 360 Teams: transfer content. Now it’s easy to maintain control of your content when team members change.

The new transfer content feature lets you transfer projects when users are removed from your Articulate 360 Teams account. You can transfer Storyline 360 team slides, Rise 360 courses and block templates, and Review 360 content.

Here’s how easy it is to transfer content:

We hope this new feature is helpful!

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Gerry Fish

Hi all!
Any recent updates on this topic?

I'm a new team admin and developer. We had a developer unexpectedly go out on an extended leave and we need access to her content to make updates. Is there a way to add collaborators or managers to her content as an admin (short of removing her from the team and reassigning all her content)?

We do have access to her email if that opens any possibilities. 

Thank you!