New in Rise 360: 1,000+ Templates With Real and Placeholder Content

Feb 15, 2022

Creating courses in Rise 360 has always been fast and easy, and it just keeps getting better. I’m excited to share that we’ve added over 1,000 fully customizable templates with real and placeholder content. With these professionally designed templates, you can get your learners the training they need in record time—and bulk up your course catalog in minutes. Let’s take a closer look at what’s included:

  • Templates with placeholder content so you can skip outlining your course and sourcing images and focus on adding in your content—saving tons of time.
  • Real-content templates with business and thought-leadership topics from bestselling authors chosen by Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Susan Cain, and Daniel Pink—so you can hit Export and upload courses to your LMS without missing a beat.

And because all of these templates are fully customizable, you can update the branding, make edits, and mix in your own content as needed.

Want to check out these new templates? Simply go to your Articulate 360 dashboard, click on New Course, preview the different options, and select the one you want to use. It’s that easy! Don’t have Rise 360? Start your free 30-day trial of Articulate 360 now. 

Want more information about this cool new feature? Check out these helpful resources:

And be sure to keep an eye on the Articulate 360 feature road map and the What’s New page to stay up-to-date on what we’re working on.

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Matt Booth

The new content is great, I'm currently exploring the best way to make use of it but have a question relating to the introduction page and the new custom Author block that seems to be used.  

Is there a way to easily include it on courses we make from scratch? some of the content i produce is also in partnership with an industry body and it would be great to be able to include their information here as well.


To clarify i dont want to remove the well deserved credit or links provided by the authors, i want to be able to add this "partner-content-author-card" additional information to other courses and add my own information

Sherri Fricker

For the videos included in the Business Content, the caption that appears underneath the video does not appear in a logical place. For example, you watch the video and then read the sentence about the purpose of watching the video. This is even more frustrating for people using screen readers.

This article Standards for Writing Accessibly reminds us of the importance of writing chronologically, not spatially. For all users, including this instructional text would be much better before than after the video.

Is this something that is specific to the Business Content or is it something that should be addressed in the video block itself?

Kelly McCurley


I'm curious about the "real content" and how it was curated and created in general? I know that my leadership team will ask me to vet the content and want to know where the information came from. I haven't seen anywhere in the courses where it lists resources & SMEs used for the development. Thank you. 

Doug Cooper

Hi Brian,

I was having the same issue. We tried Handbrake but once the videos were re encoded the size was still too large. BUT I was able to use streaming to make the size useable. 

I prepared the course as I wanted and exported the download. Then I unzipped the file and found the source video and jpeg's of the thumbnails in the Assets folder.

I uploaded the videos and modified the thumbnails in Vimeo and then went back into the course, deleted the video, selected the plus at the point of the old video and selected multimedia/embed and changed the embed code. Made sure the still frame thumbnail was full width and was done. 

Re exported the course and the file size went from 555,000kb to 5,900kb. Worked like a charm. 

Learnici - learn here!

Thanks for the advice Marcel.

I tried your method, using Windows to zip the folder. My LMS gave me this error message: "This is not a valid SCORM file" I also tried opening the course in Rise, replaced the videos with Handbrake versions, Exported it, and the file was 50% bigger, not the expected 50% smaller.

Any other ideas?


Learnici - learn here!

It uploaded but then wouldn't play. Here is what worked for me on my LMS with a 600 MB file limit:

  • Export Rise course
  • Unzip
  • find Assets/RBC folder/videos - change to simple names i.e. "lesson03"
  • compress videos using Handbrake
  • Cut and paste compressed videos to new folder in Documents\Rise 360 content ready courses\Compressed Videos
  • In Rise course, note each video block position then delete
  • Add multimedia block/compressed video for each lesson
  • Customize settings
  • Export and upload to LMS
  • NOTE - don't use the Replace video feature. Rise will export both the original large videos and the transcribed videos

I hope this helps,


Roberta Westwood

I absolutely LOVE the new content from Articulate!

I have built a new stream of 'generic' content in what we are calling the EDGE series. For each topic (we have done three so far), I have used each lesson as a stand alone module (all we have done is write learning objectives and an introduction). In our LMS, learners can access the modules individually, or all topics in a series as a Learning Plan. Here's what we've done so far:

  • EDGE Integrity Series - 4 modules 
  • EDGE Writing Series - 7 modules
  • EDGE Phone Series - 3 modules

The modules have been well received, and we plan to offer more. My favourite is the Integrity series as the content is FRESH and not easily found elsewhere.

In addition, I am developing a new Prospecting module to introduce new sales people to our sales philosophy and process. As a result, I have included a lesson on each of the following topics using content cherry-picked from the Articulate sales content: 

  • Qualifying: Fundamentals
  • Preparing for Presentations: Fundamentals
  • Overcoming Objections: Fundamentals
  • Closing: Fundamentals

This has enabled me to supplement company-specific content with industry-standard fundamentals. I've positioned the content as an 'optional refresher' that may come in handy when learning about how we do things (so that external new hires with ample sales experience don't feel we are talking down to them). I am looking forward to piloting this module soon.

I am always watching for more of this content from Articulate. It is truly EXCELLENT!