New in Rise 360: 1,000+ Templates With Real and Placeholder Content

Feb 15, 2022

Creating courses in Rise 360 has always been fast and easy, and it just keeps getting better. I’m excited to share that we’ve added over 1,000 fully customizable templates with real and placeholder content. With these professionally designed templates, you can get your learners the training they need in record time—and bulk up your course catalog in minutes. Let’s take a closer look at what’s included:

  • Templates with placeholder content so you can skip outlining your course and sourcing images and focus on adding in your content—saving tons of time.
  • Real-content templates with business and thought-leadership topics from bestselling authors chosen by Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Susan Cain, and Daniel Pink—so you can hit Export and upload courses to your LMS without missing a beat.

And because all of these templates are fully customizable, you can update the branding, make edits, and mix in your own content as needed.

Want to check out these new templates? Simply go to your Articulate 360 dashboard, click on New Course, preview the different options, and select the one you want to use. It’s that easy! Don’t have Rise 360? Start your free 30-day trial of Articulate 360 now. 

Want more information about this cool new feature? Check out these helpful resources:

And be sure to keep an eye on the Articulate 360 feature road map and the What’s New page to stay up-to-date on what we’re working on.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Sue! 

There's no need for citation or credit when using one of the prebuilt courses, templates, or themes available in Rise.

Our content team researches each topic independently and writes original content based on broad areas of agreement, commonly accepted business practices, and input from subject matter experts. All imagery in our business content has either been custom-created by our team or comes from royalty-free sources. When building in Rise, and per our terms of service, you are free to use all content with no need for attribution or additional citation.

Amy Hengst

First of all, working with a new startup, launching our first LMS, it's fantastic to be able to use these templates and create a library of offerings to start our system with. I'm impressed with the in depth topics and quality of the content--(and keep getting distracted trying to watch and learn from them all). -- thank you!

My questions--

1-- Is there a catalog of what is available in the library that we could easily share with stakeholders? I plan to ask our HR team if they would want to launch or customize the templates available in the content library. It would be great to be able to share the offerings with them so they can review in advance. 

2-- Also, are the content libraries a static offering, or something Articulate is planning to expand and keep adding to over time? I would like to create a monthly update with new courses for example from the big idea club, and just wondering if we will run out of new stuff after a while. 


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Amy! I'm thrilled to hear you're getting so much value out of the prebuilt content in Rise! 

Our team is continuously writing and publishing new Real Content courses, and we're also adding new Next Big Idea Club courses as new books are added to that list. So that means, you'll have a growing list of content to include in your updates!

Here's a catalog of what is available in the prebuilt library:

  1. Rise 360: Create a Course with Real Content
  2. Rise 360: Create a Course with Next Big Idea Club Content
  3. Rise 360: List of Placeholder Content Course Templates
Luciana Piazza

Hi Tabatha! 

Thanks so much for reaching out. 

Yes! I’d like to provide you with a list of both real content and course templates we provide: 

When working in Rise 360, you can see on the Create New page we indicate which courses are Real Content or a Course Template. 

There is a way to filter within Rise 360 in order to know what courses are available. Here is a quick Peek where I walk through the steps of adjusting the filters.

To answer your second question, our new Microlearning feature includes templates with real and placeholder content that are brand new!

Here is an article that shows all of the offerings we have:

Another cool feature of Microlearning is that you can choose a continuous or stepped navigation (To modify your navigation mode, select Theme > Navigation.), as well as the ability to combine blocks ( Click the Connect button to link two blocks. Unlink blocks by clicking the Disconnect button). This can bring a different look and feel to your content! 

I hope that helps!  Please let us know if you have any other questions!