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Adam Schwartz

Hmm, that's odd, Lindsey.

Can you try 2 things for me and let me know what happens:

1) Open the blocks sidebar and then refresh the page. See if that clears "Coming Soon"

2) If #1 doesn't help, can you log out and log back into Rise. (Click your avatar in the upper-right.)

Can you report back and let me know the results?

Frederick Bergeron

Very cool the flash cards! :)

Now if I can make some suggestions for them... :)
It would be nice to be able to...

-  add text above or below the image (centered/aligned left/aligned right)

-  center/align left/align right the text
-  do paragraph (use of 'return')

I attached an image to show you what I have in mind.


Adam Schwartz

Cheryl - the reason that arrow cuts off is it's not a square image. The dimensions of that image is 341 x 290. You can either put it on a square image and save it out before you upload to Rise. Or just use the "Centered Image" option and it will work well too. 

It looks like this: https://cl.ly/2R1W0T1i3U0h

Anthony Goss

Hi, Adam and Articulate team!  I am using images with a transparent background with the flashcards, but I am getting a white block around the image.  It just doesn't look as good as if the image were transparent.  Do you know why this is happening?  I am attaching a picture of what I see.  I would prefer to have the image float in the center of the tile with no background.  

Also, I concur with Frederick that having the option to include text above and below images would be useful in some cases.  Also, in the case with music and language learning, audio would also be a nice enhancement, but I am sure it is down the road if you decide to implement this feature. 

Adam Schwartz

Thanks for the feedback, Anthony. Right now we don't have support for transparent backgrounds. But we'll put it on the board for evaluation.

In the meantime, change the background of that image before you upload to hex color #FAFAFA if you're placing it on the back of the card. (If you're placing it on the front, it will look fine already.)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elizabeth,

You can export Rise courses for AICC, SCORM 1.2, and SCORM 2004 4th Edition learning management systems. Just open your Rise course for editing, click Export in the upper right corner of the screen, and choose an LMS specification. Then you'll be able to upload that into your LMS that supports one of those standards.