New Rise Feature: Sidebar Visibility

Hey Everyone,

We released a new feature to Rise today that allows you to set sidebar visibility.

You can now choose to:

  1. Set the sidebar to be open at course launch (default)
  2. Set the sidebar to be closed at course launch
  3. Remove the sidebar completely from the course

Check out this 90 second video for the details:



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Bill Yetman

Could you share the instructions /path you used in creating the infographic "5 FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT SICKLE CELL DISEASE"? 
I would love to be able to integrate a block like this within a current lesson.
If not possible, I would want to add it separately.
I would greatly appreciate your help.  Cheers ~

Renz Sevilla

Hi Bill!

Tom used the original content from the CDC's Official PDF

Original Demo Content for reference

  • Using Image > Image & Text Blocks, Tom cropped the images from the PDF and copied the text.
  • After uploading the image, he chose either left or right-aligned for the image
  • Then he added the respective text and formatted it for color and size
  • Lastly, he changed the background of each block to match the background of each cropped image. This can be done by hitting Edit in the top left of each block > Settings > Background Color > Custom and use the color picker to select the background of the cropped image

The Interactive section at the bottom uses Flashcards (Interactive > Flashcard Grid) in tandem with the techniques above. 

For more information on blocks, please see Rise Lessons and Block Types

Hope this quick guide points you in the right direction to get started!

Marc Dickstein

Has the option to set the sections collapsed at opening been added?  For a long course, it would be great to have the side bar open in that default position, allowing the user to expand the lessons in under each section  (or better yet, remember the state when the user ends the session....)