Numbered/Checkbox List Bullets Misaligned

Mar 08, 2022

I went into Rise yesterday after the most recent update (3/7/22) and noticed that all of my numbered/checkbox list items were misaligned. Before, the numbered/checkbox bullets were always vertically aligned to the top. This made the items look nice and evenly spread, even if one item had more content than another. Now, it appears the bullets are all aligned to the middle which has totally messed up the look and format of my course. It also makes it very hard to tell which sentence begins each bullet item. 

See attached screenshot for comparison.


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Chad Pierce

My team is also experincing issues with list blocks but in a different way. Our bullets are appearing below the content or sitting directly on top of it. Please see the attached sample. For us, this problem persists across mutilple courses and is not fixed for us. We have found that the only way we can fix this is by creating a new bullet list block, but it would take hours to comb through all content to find and fix them all. I'm hoping this is something that can be fixed by Articulate.

Chad Pierce

That's happening with list blocks in Rise, which appears to be what Kassie posted. That behavior is not occuring when there is a bullet list added to a paragraph block. However, we are struggling with the functionality of the new text edit popup on paragraph blocks when applying bullets, but that's a different issue.