One seat owns the course - admin have no access

Jul 09, 2021

Here is a case that is happening to me right now.

One seat left on vacation, another seat wants to review a course they have collaborated on. That seat does not have the right to publish as collab only.
I am admin. I can only add or remove seats. i have zero access to content which would make it possible for me to go into that account change the owner of the course thereby making it possible for the other seat to publish , review and send that review share link.
Well until i decide to close down a seat, then suddenly i can own the content, all the content, from this vacation user.

So the story continues at me closing the vacation seat ( thereby owning the content) and sending a copy of the two courses to the other seat that they needed to work on and send those courses for review.

So now i need to reinstate the seat that i didnt want to close in the first place and send back each course, all 33 items manually.

Why can i/admin access the content when closing an account, but not when the account is open?

I checked with support chat before doing this - i simply couldnt believe it.

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Renz Sevilla

Hey there! Thanks for sharing your experience and I'm sorry to hear that it's not what you expected of Rise 360.

We understand that managing content that's created by other seatholders can be challenging in situations like the one you shared. We're currently looking into how we can make team administration of content easier for admins.

That being said, there aren't any changes prepared for the immediate future. The best practice, for now, is for course owners to add collaborators to their courses prior to a planned leave.

If we have something to share on how we can improve content for team management, I'll definitely reach out here and update this thread!

Jenny Perez

We are trying to figure out course ownership for easy transferring to others on our team. We would like to explore putting the person who holds the Admin account as course owner on all courses so they can transfer ownership when the course gets updated in the future. It doesn't appear that I can transfer ownership to an Admin who isn't assigned a seat - is that correct?