Page / Lesson completion trigger /popup in Rise

Aug 22, 2022

Dear Articulate team,

can we have a feature to add a page completion/ incomplete trigger text/popup for user. Incase user didn't complete a page the text trigger/popup should show them to complete the page before move on to next lesson/page.

Best regards,


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Sandeep Gadam

Hi Siba!

Right beneath the block that the user might need to finish before moving on to the next block, you can put a continue block.

Choose the edit option after inserting the continue block, and then under "Completion Type," pick "Complete Block Directly Above" from the list of options.

The user will no longer be able to skip a block and continue on to the next one.

The user can then proceed through the rest of the course after the previous block, which is located directly above the Continue button, has been finished.

Hope this helps!