Please remove option to retake quiz when user scores 100%

Feb 11, 2021

I recently completed a course in Rise 360 and the requirements from my client are that the user needs to score 100% on the end-of-course quiz, and that they have up to 3 attempts to do so. In testing, I noticed that if a user scores 100% on the end-of-course quiz, there is an option to retake the quiz. I was wondering if anyone has used that option after scoring 100%. It makes sense to me to not reveal that option to users if they score 100% on a quiz. I've never known a person to retake a quiz after scoring 100%. It can come across to some users that the course isn't over and that they didn't do something to fully complete the course when in reality they are done and would be better off receiving a congratulations on successful completion message. Thank you for the consideration!

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