Problem Uploading RISE Coruses to SABA LMS

I am exporting from Rise 360 to .zip files and forwarding to my client. When she downloads and attempts to upload to her LMS (Saba) it continues to throw the error below. I have attempted to isolate two potential problems 1) PPT format of files and 2) file name length. Even when renaming the file or removing PPT files, this error is still happening. Previously we did not run into this issue but we have run into this problem after making some edits.

Also, I have tested these files out in SCORM cloud and they are launching successfully, if that context helps. It is only on the client LMS that this issue is happening.


"(43073) Failed to import Content Inventory: [REDACTED]
(43209) Failed to generate TOC. Error: " /saba/saba73/saba/SabaWeb/tmp/09/16/sabacr54091158047607236/imsmanifest.xml (No such file or directory)". Please make sure the Asset Storage is configured correctly."




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