Quiz in Rise - show incorrect answers only

Both myself and the students prefer the interface for the quiz in Rise. It also allows a one-stop learning material versus having to click on a separate component to do the quiz.

But one feature that's lacking is the ability to show incorrect answers only. I want students to know that their answer is incorrect without showing them the right one. Is this feature coming soon or do I have to settle for Quizmaker?

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Allison LaMotte

Hi everyone, 

Thanks for your feedback! Our team has a feature request logged for this capability but I don't have any update on the status of that request. That being said, I'll make sure your voices get added to the discussion. We will share any updates as they're available via this thread.

In the meantime, if there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

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Thanks Crystal. Regarding the setting option to 'Reveal Answers' - if you get a question wrong, it not only shows you the right answer but it also says 'Try again', which isn't actually a link and you can't try again. Also, why would you 'try again' if the correct answer is being shown to you? It's rather confusing. Am I getting the settings wrong or do you have any advice? Thanks again.

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Hi Crystal, Can you be a bit more specific about when we can expect improvements?

As Michael mentioned, is it confusing that the learner is shown a 'try again'  button, but at the same time all the correct answers are shown to the learner. That does not make sense!

When building lessons, I like to finish lessons with one or two questions to the learners in order to make sure they understood the important bits of the lesson. In my opinion that is an important reason to have this possibility to have questions in the lesson, and not outside the lesson but in a quiz. With the current configuration of these questions it is not working well and needs an update.

I would appreciate to get an indication of the priority for the development team and for the implementation date.

Thanks for your support.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michael and Wouter,

The reveal answers setting is part of a quiz lesson, not a knowledge check block.

It sounds like you're looking to remove the take again button in a knowledge check block, is that right?

We've heard similar requests to disable the take again feature, so we'll add your votes to the list. We don't have this feature change planned on our roadmap right now, but we'll let you know if that changes.

For now, the knowledge check question should reset when you click "take again". 

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Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for your reply.

To be able to remove the take again button would be useful in the knowledge check block, especially while the answers are always revealed, so the button makes no sense anyway.

In addition I would like to have the option/setting to NOT show the correct answer in the knowledge check block.
This is a very important feature to me, as I want to make sure the learners have found the correct answers by themselves, before they can complete the lesson. With this setting the take again button should remain and is useful.

Thanks you very much for considering these updates, which will make the knowledge check block much more powerful and flexible.
Can you update me if more news is available about these updates?

Julie Humphrey

Hi there. Is there any word on whether we are going to get these updates? Rise is pretty much useless to me as it stands. I've tried using Storyline blocks for knowledge checks, but it's impossible to match the Rise look and feel. It's a shame, because Rise could be an amazing tool. The question functionality is really letting it down.


Jose Marafuz

Dear Articulate team, again reinforcing the different requests / gaps pointed previously - more than a year ago!

Rise "Quiz module" answers feedback has several basic design flaws. What is even more weird is that this same setup in Rise "Knowledge Check" works fine. How hard is it to replicate the code to the "Quiz" side of the house?

With all due respect, this doesn't look something admissible for the eLearning state of the art market software!

Lisa Agerbæk

Hi there, this issue has been raised by customers of ours as well. Is there any plans to let producers edit the settings or to change the way the feedback is shown when doing knowledge checks? As others have mentioned, it would be preferred to have the option of removing the "Try again" text and/or preferably not revealing the right and wrong answers when submitting. Any news on this? Thanks.