Report x/y lesson completion status to an LMS

Jul 13, 2021

Hi everyone,

I am currently implementing a custom LMS with the goal of being able to launch courses from a existing Rise 360 collection. A key requirement to the LMS is the possibility to show a learner's progress of the their courses in the LMS, outside of the course itself. You could imagine Alice's LMS overview looking something like this:

Alice's courses:
Course A: 3/7 Lessons finished
Course B: 0/5 Lessons finished

My current workflow is as follows:

  1. Export the course from Rise 360
  2. Import the course in my LMS
  3. Enroll learners and launch the course

Optimally, I would use the cmi5 export format in Rise 360, as it the most modern format and the docs state that "we recommend it as your best option".

Now to my problem: Using the cmi5 export format, the course does not report any progress during execution, the only thing I get is a list of statements with the experienced verb, after the course has been closed by the learner. These statements only track the order in which lessons were visited but not if they were completed.

If I export the course using the xAPI (Tin Can) format instead, the course sends xAPI statements using the progress extension after each completed lesson, which includes the overall course progress in percent. I could use this information instead of a "5/7 lessons" measurement, however I would prefer using the modern cmi5 format for my courses.

Another possible solution I found may be modifying all existing courses which I would like to avoid if possible.

My question is: Is it possible to force the usage of the progress extension for cmi5 exports? Other ways to get a x/y or percentage report are also appreciated.

Thank you very much

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