Results on Rise 360 not submitting to Blackboard Gradebook

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this... We have a number of Articulate Rise files embedded in our online courses (on Blackboard). Occasionally we get learners who complete their unit in AR and when they click on submit results (return to LMS) their results don't seem to pull through to the gradebook on Blackboard. Instead it just says 'draft saved'.

This could be a Blackboard issue, but I wanted to be sure.

I can't see anything obviously wrong with the export settings, and the fact that only a couple of learners have had this issue makes me think that is potentially user error. If anyone has any idea of why it's submitting to draft and not posting results that would be amazing!

Many thanks,


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tom! Thanks for including that screenshot! Your Rise 360 publishing settings look correct. Did these learners pass the quiz? If not, they'll be marked "Incomplete" in the LMS until they pass. 

Also, does your course include an Exit Course button? You may find that the course completion data isn't sent to Blackboard LMS if the learner didn't close the course correctly.

Please keep us posted on what you find out!

Tom Bowers

Hi Alyssa,

These courses don't require a passing score, so after completing the final quiz, and they finish the course it should pull through the score.

All our units have an Exit Course button. But it seems that a small percentage of learners experience an issue where it won't pull through as complete/pull through a score.


Alyssa Gomez

Thanks, Tom. Since you selected "Track using quiz result" on the export page, learners won't be marked "complete" until they reach the passing score set on the course settings page. They will still need to reach this score even if "require passing score to continue" is turned off. 

What passing score did you select, and can you confirm these learners have completed the quiz with at least a passing score?

Tom Bowers

Hi Alyssa, 

Thanks for getting back to me again.

There is no % passing score required as you can see from the screen shot. The real puzzle is that for some people on the course, doing the same units, there are zero issues, but some people (see screenshot 2) get a message saying draft saved! I hope that makes sense :)

This could well be an LMS issue, but I just wondered if there is anything (user error maybe) that I've missed? Or I wasn't sure if there are any other issues I might not be familiar with.

Many thanks,



Hazel Bartolome

Hi Tom! Thanks for sharing the screenshots.  Since it's happening only to a few learners, here's what I could think of:

-Learner left the course open too long in the browser. LMSes have different session time-outs, so this may be an issue I can think of.

-As Lea mentioned in her reply above, the learner may have been exiting the course by closing the browser window instead of using the exit course button (in your case, the custom Submit Results button shown in the screenshot AR_last_page.png that you shared.)

Tom Bowers

Hi Hazel,

Thanks for your response and the suggestions (and thanks to the team - really helpful and timely replies!).

Last question... Do you know if the Blackboard LMS has any particular quirks in relation to Articulate Rise? Like the examples, you mentioned above about LMSs having session time outs.



Lea Agato

Hi Tom, I can see pop-ups are being blocked on the learner's device. Can you try making sure Safari isn't blocking pop-ups on the learner's iPhone. Please ask them to:

Open their iPhone Settings, click on Safari, and double-check that Block pop-ups is turned off, as shown below. 

You can also try testing your course in SCORM Cloud and check if the learner encounters the same issue.