Rise Accessibility Question

Jul 09, 2020

Hi everyone -

I have what I hope is a quick question. If you're using a RISE Text on Image block, will a screen reader such as JAWS read the text as it would in a text box in Storyline, or do you need to place the text in alt text? I tested adding alt text but when I preview the course, and hover over the image, it is not displaying the alt text as it does with other images.  So - will it get read by a screen reader even if it's not displaying on hover? Thx in advance.

- Freya

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Freya!

When hovering over a Text over Image block, you won't see alt text. Our team is looking into this issue, and we'll let you know when it is resolved.

Since Rise 360 doesn't have full screen reader support yet, you may find that a screen reader doesn't perform how you would expect. We'll let you know when screen reader support is ready!

Renz Sevilla

Hi Teresa! Thanks for following up on this! You can use alt text to describe images. You can also interactive markers when using the Labeled Graphic block to provide expanded descriptions for complex images, such as charts and maps.

Scenario blocks don’t currently support alt text. This is coming soon, and if you'd like to learn more about Rise 360 Accessibility, please see our Conformance Report!

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Renz, but to clarify, my question is about moving using the keyboard when the action is a hover over the images to view the text.  I was thinking hover is not accessible, they would need to use a click/select function for someone to navigate.  Or am I misunderstanding?  If they tab through the images would the hover text still appear and would it be readable with the screen reader.  It is a fair amount to put in an alt tag.



Renz Sevilla

Hi Teresa,  when navigating using the Tab function, the screen reader will read from the Alt text from the following types of image blocks:

  • Image Centered
  • Image Full Width
  • Image & Text
  • Text on Image
  • Image Carousel
  • Image Grids (2, 3, and 4 column)
  • Accordion
  • Tabs
  • Labeled Graphic marker images (not the background image)
  • Process
  • Timeline
  • Knowledge Checks
  • Quiz

If there are images in these blocks that don’t have alt text, screen readers ignore the tag and just announce them as images or read the file name. 

Teresa Vanderpost

HI Renz,  so if I understand correctly, If I choose to use this organizations file with the images that hover and text appears (I assume it is a storyline block as I don't think you can hover in RISE), I would need to put all their text in the alt text field and they would be able to tab through these images within the storyline block?  I am thinking might be better for me to rebuild and just make them clickable (where the screen reader user can use tab) and then tab to the text. 

Sorry if I am making this more complicated than it should be :)

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Teresa! Since you're designing a course with accessibility in mind, I would avoid using hovers altogether. As you mentioned, learners using a keyboard to navigate cannot hover over an image. 

That being said, I would instead use a series of labeled graphic blocks, one for each image. Add a marker to the labeled graphic that the learner can click to read the description.

Learners using keyboard navigation and a screen reader would benefit from the recent improvements we made to this block type:

  • Markers are now read as an ordered list by screen readers.
  • Screen readers announce marker icons as part of the marker.
  • The marker state (whether or not it’s been viewed) is also announced by screen readers.
  • When you open a marker, you’ll now tab into the content first instead of the controls for a more user-friendly experience.
  • Closing a marker label with the ESC key brings the focus back to the marker.
  • When you navigate away from an open marker label, it closes automatically.
  • With these upgrades in place, we can now say that the labeled graphic blocks are 100% accessible! 


Judith Morgan

Hi Just curious, I am trying to make a document interactive with markers.

I screenshot the document as an image and included in rise as a labelled interaction. 

I have a ton of text in the image I used as a labeled interaction- is there any way to make that accessible? Attached is a screen recording example. Any other suggestions if that is not possible? I am trying to do a document walkthrough. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Judith! 

Since you're designing this course with accessibility in mind, you may want to separate that larger screenshot into several smaller screenshots. That way, you can add alt text to each screenshot to describe the text displayed in that section. 

If you need tips for writing good alt text, check out page 8 of our accessibility e-book!