Rise and images blurry

Jun 02, 2022


I really like the labeled graphic block in Rise. However, whenever I upload an image (and this happens in other blocks) it's a bit blurry or pixelated.  For example, if I upload a PPT converted to an image, it looks a bit blurry. Any recommendations for fixing this? I'm not a specialist in image editing by any means, but I'm sure I can figure it out with a little guidance.

Thank you!

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Karl Muller

Hi Kandice,

When you upload an image to Rise, it automatically compresses the file which may be causing the blurriness.

If you'd like an image to not undergo compression, you can opt-out of image optimization on a case-by-case basis. Just add _NOPROCESS_ to the name of your image file. It'll upload and display exactly as you saved it.

For example, CAT.PNG will become CAT_NOPROCESS_.PNG