RISE and Quizzes Time Out issues

May 14, 2021

I have been troubleshooting and issue the past two days. We have a Rise Course published in Workday. The course is set to structure progress based on each blocks completion. There are three quizzes in the course, the developer set randomization for questions/answers. All require 80% completion to move forward.

We have 25% of users getting stuck at the quiz calculation page. We are not using any of the quizzes for completion. We are using course completion to mark complete.

We have been able to replicate the failure by starting the quiz (answer 2 questions), either walking away 60 minutes and coming back OR logging out and coming back in. We are booked marked to complete the quiz. We complete and the page that calculates score hangs.

We have tickets opened with WD and Articulate. Just seeing if the community has seen this issue. We are on an organization wide must take training to launch a new platform.

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Brooke Hopkins

We are also experiencing this issue - it is not consistent (some users see it, some don't - and some users only see it on one course and not the next) but it is really causing issues for our users because they are stuck and can't re-start the course, the quiz, or advanced to the next course because they can't complete the current course.