Rise - avoid the automatic translation

Feb 17, 2021

Hi everbody,

we contact you because we have noticed a problem using your software.

The problem is the following:

we created a teaching unit "Rise 360" and then we published it for the web.
We noticed that using Google Chrome downloaded in the pc MacBook Air 11, some words were translated in a wrong way.
The browser used is set as follow “Do you allow to translate online pages in languages that you don’t know”. We would like to know if there is some option on the “Rise” that forbid the automatic translation of the texts?

Thank you


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Heloisa Danchura

Hello everybody!

We realize automatic translation of Rise 360 content, even though it was built in our native language of the country, Portuguese in this case.

I believe that the browser's translator does not recognize some words as our language... because of the format in which it was prepared (tool in English). It usually happens with Google Chrome's automatic translator.

It ends up generating discomfort because the automatic translation ends up generating disconnected texts, words different from the originals randomly in the text and the student believes that the writing was done wrong.

Time Rise, how could you help us?