Rise - can you link to a web address or lesson with an incorrect quiz response?

Dec 18, 2019

Is there a way in Rise to link back to a lesson or webpage resource when someone answers incorrectly in a quiz?  I know I could do it in Storyline but prefer to use Rise.



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Karl Muller

If you add Correct/Incorrect feedback to a specific question within a quiz, it is possible to add a link to an external web page to either the correct or incorrect answer(s) feedback text.

There does not seem to be a way to branch to different lesson though.

Personally I would not add links to quiz feedback as it could potentially lead to a learner following a link and not completing the Quiz.

Perhaps you could simply state which Lesson addresses the question?

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Angie!

You can insert a text hyperlink in the Incorrect Answer feedback area by highlighting the text and selecting Insert Link. There you can insert a link to a web page resource, but there isn't a way to hyperlink to another lesson in the same course.

If you want learners to go back to review a lesson in the same course, I would suggest adding instructions like, "Go back to Lesson 2 to learn more about this topic."

Chino Navarro

Hi Melanie. Sorry to hear that your hyperlinks aren't working. Are you experiencing the issue when you preview the course in Rise 360, or does it happen when you've exported the course and viewed it in a different system, such as an LMS or web server? 

Also, when you click on the hyperlink, does it launch a blank page? What browser are you using to view the course? Thank you so much, and hope to hear from you soon.