Rise changes & in embed link to &

I'm trying to embed a link with URL strings using the embed feature.

The URL string is a list of variables contained in the URL (e.g., www.site.com/survey#source=rise&course_id=1).

When I paste in the URL such as the example, the "&" symbol and changes to "&" which messes up the URL so the strings don't work. 

So the link above gets changed to www.site.com/survey#source=rise&course_id=1

Does anyone have a solution?

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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Adam! I understand that you are using the Multimedia>Embed link to embed a URL but the URL gets changed and becomes invalid.

I am getting an error when accessing the first link you shared. Does it require a login? Can you try using an iFrame to embed it?

<iframe src="https://yoururl.com" </iframe>

Let me know if this works!