Rise Course Content not Importing into SAP Successfactors

Jun 24, 2021

Hello all, I am having trouble importing a Rise course into my SAP SuccessFactors LMS. I receive a message saying "Imported zip does not have valid content files." When I check the file contents I have the following:







Any thoughts, I've attached two images that show the issue.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Brandon,

Our team has been working to nail down why Rise 360 zipped SCORM packages don't upload successfully for you in SuccessFactors. I know this has been a frustration for a while now, and we want to do all we can to resolve it. We've even partnered with administrators at SuccessFactors for testing, and they haven't been able to reproduce the error yet. We'd love to get your help. 

The zipped file linked below is a Rise 360 template (ADA Compliance for Employees) exported as SCORM 1.2. I did not unzip/rezip this package after it was exported. 

Can you please try uploading the package linked below to your SuccessFactors account and let me know if it uploads successfully? Here's what I see from my account. 

I'll be standing by! Thank you! 

File download link: ada-compliance-for-managers-scorm12-DV3mV27U.zip

Lucy Hood

Hi, I'm currently facing this issue with a Rise course not uploading into successfactors.

We've recently uploaded a lot of the "real content" from articulate, and that has worked just fine. And we've also successfully uploaded our own internally built content many times before also...
However on one recent module it is just refusing to accept it - coming up with the same message described at the outset of this thread.

I've rebuilt the whole course, done all the zipping and unzipping and re-zipping that i can, and still no joy! I've tested it in SCORM Cloud and it worked just fine :(

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!