Rise Folder Management

Hi! I work on a team of 6 and we create eLearnings for 10 different markets. We recently adopted a micro-library approach which means we have SO MANY courses in our Rise folder that is extremely difficult to sift through. So many courses with similar titles in different languages. When I sort them into folders, they still appear on my homepage so I can't manage this as well as I'd like.

Are there going to be any improvements on the folder management within Rise, it's becoming unbearable to work through.


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Danielle Adams

Thanks Lea - if you're logging requests, it might also make sense to have a search bar option. so you can search for the title of your course. As I mentioned I might have 10 micro-learnings in 10 different languages - you can imagine it's gets a little difficult to sift through to the right course. A search option would really help here (as well as being able to tidy things into different folders - out of view).