How can you manage many courses within a team in Rise360? Is it even possible?

Oct 13, 2020

We are moving a lot of our course development from Storyline to Rise but have started noticing some significant problems with the course management (to the point that we may need to consider a different product).

We will be producing 100+ Rise courses per year as a team, but it doesn't look as though there will be any usable way to manage this.

The issues we have identified so far...

  1. No way to view courses that are not in a folder, and no way when looking at all courses to tell if they are in a folder (and which folder if they are)
  2. No support for nested folders to support more complex course hierarchies
  3. No search box for courses at the top to filter them (or any basic filtering of courses)
  4. No course archiving for old courses
  5. No shared folder structure for the team - should include features like automatically sharing courses moved to that folder with selected team members
  6. No usable backup process - either online or offline
  7. No version control or way to snapshot and rollback courses

Is anyone using Rise360 at scale with a lot of courses? If so, how do you manage it?

Any suggestions and advice will be gratefully received!



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Suzanne Leng

Looks like we're not alone. As we are creating more content it is getting harder to manage. Even adding a course reference at the start of the name is not ideal as it shows as the title.

Everything Rob said, plus I would also like to have an overview of all the courses created by people in our team and each person's role for a course, so I even if I don't have the rights to export, etc, I know who does! 

Matt Bradshaw

This is one of Rise's biggest failings.  Fantastic interface for course development but very little thought gone into the management of large numbers of courses amongst team members.

I created a wish list in this discussion  Many of the frustrations you listed above, we also struggle with on a daily basis.

@Crystal, is there anything on the roadmap at all in relation to course management??

Reed Michaelsen

We're in the same boat now too. My colleagues and I have taken advantage of Rise 360 to produce lots of short SCORM content rapidly, which has been great. But now we're facing the project of translating many of those courses in up to 12 additional global languages for our employees overseas. That obviously balloons the number of Rise courses in my account, and every step of the process that used to be one click is now 12 (such as applying localized labels, and import / export of XLIFF files). And yes, the course management in the Rise portal is a total joke. I'm at over 300 courses, and I'm barely getting by, simply by inserting an ugly-but-useful code (course# + version + language code) in the titles of the courses themselves - and then relying on nothing more than CTRL-F to search the screen! Even that doesn't work all the time, when the course list automatically reflows and hides part of the titles.

Since there doesn't appear to be any great alternatives for managing or even exporting all of this content over to Storyline (which would slow down development but at least provide more management tools), I'm close to hitting pause on Articulate among our team and seeking out a better, more scalable production tool before we invest much more effort in Rise production.

Erika Kuczysnki

I just wanted to add another vote for this. We are heading towards an unmanageable number of courses with more in the works. The file management functionality, especially with a team, is lacking. I would also love to be able to filter and sort by owner and mark the status of a course: in development, in review, and final. 

Sam Scheer

Throwing my voice into this one. @Crystal - is there any update to getting this functionality addressed in product? We're gearing up for a lot of short-form content in Rise 360 and we are going to be able to need a way to properly manage it all within the tool for the team vs the dump-it-all-in-one-bucket approach that is in place now.