Idea's around improved course management and organization

Feb 19, 2021

Hi all,

We have been using Rise 360 for around 4 years, have 4 main course developers and 1 person that is responsible for course life cycle management, translations, publishing to LMS, etc.

We have over 300 RISE courses, many of which are essentially duplicates for translation purposes EFIGS and Japanese.

We have courses that are old, but still published, courses that are archived, courses that are 'in production', 'in review', in translation, published, etc.

Although the intuitiveness of Rise in relation to course development is fantastic, I feel that the interface around the management of courses is very neglected.  When working with many courses and with multiple course developers is becomes very challenging. I have the following thoughts regarding this. Some of these are probably captured in other discussions but I thought I'd just list my thoughts here.

1.  We do not want archived courses in Rise 360. We want to be able to back up these courses offline, even if in a proprietary format.  We've even considered buying an extra license just to have a user that is used to store just archived course.

2. The course repository\library should be sharable amounts team members.  This would enable it to be managed more effectively. eg. Currently, an individual course can be shared with a team member, or copied to a team member.  It becomes difficult, very quickly, to know which version of a course you have, who has access, who as copies, etc. A central course repository managed by a team would aid in course organization, lifecycle control, and management significantly.

3. It should be possible to organize courses that are shared with me into my own preferred folder structure.  Currently, you can only do this as a 'course manager', it should also be possible to do this as a course collaborator.

If I'm working on a course with a team member, I would normally move these courses to my 'Courses in production' folder, for courses that are shared with me, I cannot do this.

4. I should be able to determine my default folder when navigating to Currently, the default folder is always All Courses.

This is completely useless when I have over 300 courses.  'All courses' should be a last resort when you cannot locate a course.

5. If I navigate to a course folder, then jump into a course and then exit that course, I should be taken back to the folder I was previously in, not the 'All courses' folder. It is very annoying that I keep having to navigate back to the folder I was previously in.

6. It should be possible to see who a course is shared with from the course overview page, without having to navigate into the course, then settings\share, then collaborators.  This is very time-consuming when trying to manage many courses.  This could be done by adding the course avatars, similar to how a course owner is represented for a shared course.

7. It should be possible to create sub-folders within the folder structure. As mentioned we have courses dating back 4 years. I currently have over 40 folders in Rise due to having to create a flat structure.


OK, that's it.  A bit of a brain dump I know, but these are the things that frustrate me on a daily basis when working in Rise 360.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Matt, Thanks for taking the time to share your challenges with content management. I don't have a definite timeline for any changes at this point, but we are looking at how we can help better with content organization, sharing and collaboration. I've tagged this discussion to get an update if we release enhancements that will help.

Paul Courtney

A great list, Matt, and precisely the issues I have been facing even though I'm just starting to use Rise 360 with just a half-dozen courses – I can already see the writing on the wall for when we begin adding more courses. It is amazing to me that anyone could possibly handle more than 50 courses in the product!!