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Nicole Legault

Hi there Connie!

Thanks for question!  You can clear the `Incorrect` and `Correct` text labels in the course Settings, however, the check mark and X icons still appear in feedback. an option to hide those labels/icons in feedback would be a good feature request, please do feel free to submit a feature request here . Thanks :) Let us know if you have any other questions!

Lisa Torley

Hi Alyssa,

Yes a question that has no right answer, it could in fact be multiple of the shown answers and therefore wouldn't require correct/incorrect feedback.

I am aware that you can remove the correct/incorrect text but not able to remove the icons - is icon removal upcoming in any updates?

Many thanks,


Crystal Horn

Hello, Lisa. Thanks for clarifying. It sounds like this option would be focused on knowledge check blocks since there is no correct or incorrect answer. We don't have a pending release to offer that option, but we'll let you know if that changes!

In the meantime, I like to use Accordion blocks to reveal "feedback" based on each accordion item the learner opens, especially if there's some nuance between the choices.