Rise + Microlearning + Embedding in Course

Feb 28, 2023

Just checked out the new microlearning feature in rise 360 and think its great. However, I didn't see anything about how to embed this in a rise 360 course (assumed you would be able to do this the same way you could embed a storyline project in a course). I was thinking this could be something for our college courses that would allow us to create pre-req content in the beginning of a course, however, I can't seem to see a way to make this happen. 

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Karl Muller

Hi Michele,

A microlearning is actually a standalone Rise course that exists of a single lesson.

Rise does not allow you to embed one Rise course within another. 

Besides, if you go to the THEME tab / Navigation for your microlearning and switch the setting to Continuous navigation, your Lesson looks and behaves just like a regular Rise Lesson.

Gren Foronda

Hi Marco!

You can export the Microlearning as a Web-Only output, then embed this in a Storyline slide using a Web Object. When inserting the web object in Storyline, click the Browse (Folder) button, and locate and select the index.html file inside the exported Web-Only output folder.

Storyline Browse button

Here's a sample of how Microlearning content looks when inserted as a Web Object in Storyline:

Microlearning Web Object

Let me know if this works for you, or if you have additional questions!

grace reotutar

Thank you, Gren! After playing around with and trying out different ways of inserting the object, it worked perfectly! I just wanted to share a few steps after opening a blank project in sL 360:

  1. double-click/tap on the empty slide
  2. go to Insert tab
  3. in the Media group 
    • select Web Object
  4. click/tap the browse folder icon
    • look for and select the content folder
  5. click/tap OK

Please note, you will need to Publish in Review 360 and add it as a sL block in your Rise course.  One last thing, I had to extract the downloaded file before inserting the microlearning object. I hope this helps :) Second last thing, you can't edit in sL. Woohoo! I love this!