Rise SCORM File Not Saving Student Progress in LMS

Mar 07, 2023

My client let me know that the course I created for them doesn't seem to be saving students' progress in their LMS (ITS). 

I have uploaded the course into my company's LMS (D2L) and cannot replicate their issue. I'm unsure of how to best move forward and help my client - any ideas? Maybe exporting the file in a different way? 

Thank you! 

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Chino Navarro

Hi Alisia,

I am sorry to hear that the student's progress isn't being saved.  I recommend doing the following:

  • Try exporting your course with a different SCORM standard. For example, if your course is using SCORM 1.2, that standard has a data limit of 4,096 characters. If that limit is reached, your course won't be able to resume properly. You can read more about it here: Rise 360: Exceeding SCORM Suspend Data Limits
  • Enable the Exit Course Link and have the students use that button when they want to exit the course.


If that doesn't work, feel free to reach out to your support team here. We will be happy to dig deeper into this.