Rise Themes Unresponsive

Aug 30, 2022

When I am in a new Rise project, I create my first lesson and then click themes to change the theme colors, etc. The page is unresponsive and just freezes. I have tried in both edge and chrome (thinking it was my browser). Anyone have this issue and if so, a solution? I need to change my theme colors. BTW...quick edit. I cleared my cache this morning too and still no luck. 

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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Danielle! Are you still encountering unresponsiveness with Themes?

Please try the following:

1. Please make sure you are using a supported browser and your browser is updated. Once updated, restart your browser and try accessing it again. Does the issue persist?
2. Try other supported browsers and check if you are still getting the issue. This will check if the issue is browser-specific.
3. Please access Rise in Incognito or InPrivate window (Windows: Press Ctrl + Shift + n. Mac: Press ⌘ + Shift + n) Sometimes plugins cause odd behavior, Do you still get the same issue when in Incognito?
4. Restart your computer.

If you still can't access themes despite these steps please open a case with us, and we'll investigate.

QA & Development

I'm also experiencing this issue. Whenever I click the Themes tab in a course it takes 20-30 seconds to load (sometimes Chrome will even say the site in unresponsive). Then when I make a change and save, it takes even longer to get back to the main editor. I've followed your steps above and am still experiencing the same issue. This is particularity annoying when all I went to do is turn lesson counts off. That feature used to be in settings and was a quick process. Now I have to spend a couple of minutes making that one simple change.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, QA & Development! I see you opened a support case about this issue -- you're one step ahead! That's exactly what I would have recommended for an issue like this. 

Are you able to take a short screen recording of the sluggish behavior you're seeing when you click the Themes tab in a course? That would be incredibly helpful for us. You can reply back to Gerovy's email with that video, and we'll keep the conversation going in your case.