Rise - Transfer of projects to clients, how does it work?

Nov 30, 2016

Hi there,

How would one transfer a project developed in Rise to a client for not only handover purposes but for them to edit the raw files for maintenance purposes too? The only way I could see this being possible at this stage is to create "client accounts" on Articulate Rise where their content will live - this not being the best option as it requires the creation and linking of a specific person's email address within the company.

Looking at more of the same function that Storyline 2 has with the export and import of files.

Please advise whether this will become a feature, and if so, the timeline for release?

Thanks so much,


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Samantha Jay Golding

Hi Nancy, thank you for the reply. While we will export and host the content on their LMS, our clients will need access to the content for maintenance purposes, therefore to the editable raw file. I stand to be corrected, however I do not see an export function which can allow the user to export the raw file?

If so, how would one upload it to their account?

Arnout van 't Voort

Hello, the latest reply on this topic is from more than a year ago, but I just have created a new account and searching back with the questions I currently have and could not find the answer yet.

Was the update done? and is it now possible to export a course from one account to another?

Thanks in advance.