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I have a course with quizzes that's been exported from Rise and uploaded as a SCORM file into an LMS. When viewing the quiz results, the information shows as 'Interaction x Untitled Interaction' and a set of numbers. Is there a way to change the title of the quiz interaction in Rise so that the reporting actually pulls the Text from the question? We can't determine what answer goes with what question when the order is set to random. 

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Claudine Caro

Hi. I have the same questions about how to modify the Objective Name and Interaction IDs so the LMS reports are more readable. 

I exported my Rise course to SCORM 2004 , 4th edition. The LMS I'm using is ComplianceWire. Attached is a screen shot of how the LMS displays those fields.

Stephen Reed

Thank you I have read this article. What does this section mean as far as settings go?
"Quiz answers are reported to your LMS when you track using course completion but without a score."
Do I just set the score to 0?

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Lea Agato

Hi Stephen, if you publish your course and you selected to Track using course completion, your LMS may not display the learner's score but you'll still have the quiz answers sent to the LMS.


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