show non-complete blocks with continue divider

Jul 20, 2021

Hello everyone !

I was wondering if it was possible for the continue divider to show which blocks are not completed when it is set to "Complete block directly above".

It would be great because some students get blocked and just give up the course because of that..


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Renz Sevilla

Hi Thibault! Thanks for the feedback, I understand you'd find it more helpful if there could be a marking to indicate which Blocks are still not complete for the learner. 

The Continue block has two options:

 - "Complete Directly Above" which is the block right before the Continue button,


- "Complete All Blocks Above" which would require them to complete all blocks above the Continue button.

If you're using "Complete Directly Above", that should only require them to complete content right before the continue button. Please make sure there isn't a button set to the "Complete All Blocks Above" option that may be hindering your student's progress if that wasn't intended.